Not Averse To Noise

“Privacy is the foundation of all other rights.” -Edward Snowden

Privacy’s value is in protecting the vulnerable. The most deceitful and disempowering statement is “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing nothing to fear.” img_2458-copy

When a person says that, they are really saying they don’t want liberty or freedom. They are ok just passing by as is. Freedom is made. Privacy is a crucial protector of freedom. Privacy is the right to the self. Privacy is the right to a free mind. Privacy is the safe space to figure out what you think and believe in. Minorities, people who are different, people who don’t fit in need privacy to be free and safe from the oppression of the mainstream and powerful people.

People often ask me why I choose to wear a veil. My answer is that it is a part of my privacy and I highly value all privacy. It is my right to veil what and how I choose. No person/government/population has the power, ethics, moral ground or right to require me otherwise.

This painting is titled Through Rising.  It’s time to rise to the many occasions and safeguard our beautiful world, so full of goodness.

Love is Light.

Water Is Life.




img_7893It’s time to reactivate… falling into now

In his album, Halfway Tree, Damian Marley sang “Fear is in the eyes of the beholder and love is in the presence of the lovemaker, life is in the words of the comforter endure much longer…” I find those lyrics deeply inspiring and so I begin to write.

I may be misinterpreting his words but I won’t let that delay me… I have every intention of being a present love maker and wordy comforter.

In an almost obsessive compulsive manner, I made the I AM HUMAN series of artwork to convey an incessant reminder that we are all human. For the troubled, sick, youth, elders, homeless, refugees, disenfranchised and lost to recall their humanity beginning with recalling it myself. Remember through repetition. Calling and repeating what I love only. I love being human…

When the deep freeze of helplessness sets in, a light appears to warm the heart. With the deepest gratitude for the beauty in this world, I unfreeze my frozen soul and maybe yours if you value a little thaw… I am the light that shines through… soft simple & lenient

I AM HUMAN highlights the socialization of costs and privatization of the profits in san Francisco, Nationally & Globally. The way things are unacceptable .The way I wish they were compassionate & loving. The way we all actively need to be love.  Light is love.


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Happy New Year 2015

Happy Holidays

This state of balance is called “Hozho” in the Navajo language.

Happily may their roads back home be on the trail of pollen.
Happily may they all get back.
In beauty I walk.
With beauty before me, I walk.
With beauty behind me, I walk.
With beauty below me, I walk.
With beauty above me, I walk.
With beauty all around me, I walk.
It is finished in beauty,
It is finished in beauty,
It is finished in beauty,
It is finished in beauty.

‘Sa’ah naaghéi, Bik’eh hózhó—from a Navajo Ceremony (Four Masterworks of American Indian Literature, ed. by John Bierhorst, 1974)

Education is the golden key to freedom

Education is the golden key to freedom

The 8 Cardinal Virtues by George Washington Carver artwork by Asya Abdrahman. February 2014 exhibiting at Hannah Gallery 170 Donahue Street, Marin City 94965.

Eight oversized paintings that resemble college ruled paper with a quote written at the center. Each golden protruding center visualizes reaching out “to unlock the golden door of freedom”. George Washington Carver taught his students these virtues during his time as a college professor.  These eight paintings are my interpretation of his quotes and an homage to his creation of over 70 paint pigments.